Projects E-Rail has worked on, or is working on, in the UK and internationally. Further details of these projects can be obtained from E-Rail subject to confidentiality issues.


Here is a selection of our projects;

Aberdeen Crossrail - A suburban railway service from Inverurie to Stonehaven
Cardiff - A proposed new rail/tram/busway service to the north and west
Edinburgh South Suburban Railway - Re-opening of a freight route to passenger services.
Edinburgh Tram to the Airport – Initial study of the land uplift potential
Edinburgh North Suburban - Re-instate the rail service to Leith and Granton
East Sussex – Potential funds available to finance the re-opening of the Wealden line.
Fife - Continuing discussions on the re-opening of the Levenmouth line.
Kent - Feasibility report on a link to the East Kent airport
Nottingham - Southern extension of the Robin Hood line
Northumberland - Reopening of line from Newcastle Central Station to Ashington/Blyth

E-Rail Canada Ltd. (ERC)

Ottawa, Canada - Two Light Rail corridors for the City of Ottawa.
Montreal, Canada - A bridge link between two motorways, linking two remote communities.
Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada - The introduction of a 110 km Bus Rapid Transit system along side Highway 407.
York Region, Canada - Metro extension.
Calgary, Canada - New LRT proposals.
Montreal, Canada - New LRT routes.

‘By adopting the E-Rail methodology, new transport services
can be delivered earlier and at a lower cost to the taxpayer’