The E-Rail Solution

A practical, step-by-step approach

The E-Rail Process - "Land Uplift Capture" (LUC™) is applied in 2 stages and 3 steps

Stage 1 has two steps

Step 1 provides the client with an assessment of the potential capital contribution that land uplift will secure, enabling the transport sponsor to determine its significance in relation to the project's overall cost.

What we deliver to the project:

Step 2 furnishes the client with a fully detailed, on-the-ground survey of the route/s and a thorough assessment of the E-Rail LUC™ to be secured for the project.

What we deliver:

‘Until now, taxpayers funded almost all of the capital cost of transport services recouping a small proportion of the generated increased value through section 106. E-Rail provides an equitable solution whereby the extra value generated is shared between the developers and landowners and the public sector.
This provides significantly more funding for the transport project in a way that is acceptable and fair to the private sector developer.’