Roy James Lauder

Roy Lauder is a director with the international business coaching firm Shirlaws where he specialises in guiding management teams to grow their companies. He has considerable international experience and an engineering background. Starting back in 1980 when setting out a railway from Baghdad to Basra in Iraq and then building oil rigs in Scotland and South Korea and developing power station projects in Asia.

He has set up and run a few new businesses, his first in 1984 in dimensional control services to the oil sector then Scotia Energy in 1994 creating power station projects in the developing world, in 2003 he set up Shirlaws Scotland and has been involved in the development of a number of businesses over the past 10 years.

Bringing new technologies and concepts to the market is always interesting and exciting. Having a clear strategy and operating plan with defined routes to market is essential for any new business to flourish. Roy has been with E-Rail since 2007. 

Roy worked with the Scottish Development Agency where he led their Technology Transfer division into Europe and worked with many businesses During this time he worked closely with the clients in assisting them to establish licence deals.

He has strong business development and project management skills, both in small businesses and in a corporate environment.

He has an honours degree in Topographic Science from University of Glasgow and an MBA and is a member of the Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors.